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Each back print has its own story. Charlie invites you to take a good look at the prints and to read the accompanying text.


The general theme of doubt among Gen Z and millennials is driven by a combination of social pressure, performance pressure, and individual expression. What all named topics are within Like Charlie.
The printout below shows 8 topics that contribute to the doubt we sometimes experience. What Charlie wants to show with this is that you should carefully examine who you are as a person and make a choice that fits well with your own core values. If you really want it? So do it.
Like Charlie print 'Doubt', Like Charlie print 'Doubt'


In this print Charlie has chosen to show the subject of social pressure. There are so many different things that demand your attention all day long these days. Think about where you want to put your energy.
For example, do you want to put your phone away to be able to concentrate? Go for it! Do you want to take an extra break to meditate? Go for it! You just have to do what you want.


In this print, Charlie has chosen to show the subject of individual expression. With social media and the increasing importance of personal branding, individual expression is more important than ever among young people.
Self-expression can take many forms. What is important here is that you only make the choice for something if you really want to make it. Do not pay attention to the opinions of others.