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Our Story

Like Charlie's founder, Jurren:

An increasing number of young people are facing challenges with their mental health, and even one in seven Dutch youths experiences depressive symptoms. There needs to be more attention on this issue, and it needs to happen now.

I, too, struggled with my mental health for a time. During the period when I was feeling low, I couldn't bring myself to talk about it. The stigma surrounding the topic had a hold on me. Later, I discovered that openness led to an improvement in my mental health, and it was during this time that my deep motivation for Like Charlie emerged.

With Like Charlie, I aim to inspire and encourage you to break the stigma around mental health together and engage in conversations that foster more openness. Each piece of Like Charlie clothing carries a message through unique prints, intended to make the weighty subject of 'mental health' feel lighter.

Like Charlie also seeks to convey a mountain of positivity through the use of colorful illustrations and inspirational quotes. The confidence-boosting feel comes from our uniquely crafted relaxed fit and the exceptional quality of our clothing. 

To create a more meaningful impact, Like Charlie is proud to donate 5% of its profits to MIND Us: an organization passionately dedicated to improving the mental health of Gen Z and millennials.

Like Charlie strives for a world where mental health is no longer in the shadows, and positivity takes the lead. Will you join us in this mission?



Who is Charlie?

Charlie is our character. Everyone should be able to identify with Charlie, which is why the character has the unisex name 'Charlie'. In addition, Charlie has distinctive clothing and a unique hairstyle. Charlie is, just like you, exceptional.

Charlie is authentic, does only what Charlie feels like doing, enjoys doing things in a slightly different way, and pays little attention to Charlie's surroundings. This is reflected in the T-shirts with backprint.

Remember: It can be done Like Charlie!


Who is MIND Us?

MIND Us is dedicated to fostering the healthy development of young people: to be vulnerable, grow, learn, and experience, enabling them to become more resilient and take control of their mental health.

MIND Us collaborates, encourages innovative initiatives, and ensures that the mental health issues of young people receive the attention they deserve. Together with young people, policymakers, municipalities, entrepreneurs, and scientists, we create a platform where young people feel seen and heard. A platform where their solutions lead to increased resilience and good mental health. MIND Us. Together for mentally healthy youth.

Learn more about MIND Us here



Various blogs are also written by Like Charlie about its clothing and the topic of mental health. You can read these blogs here